Source code for cryptography.hazmat.primitives.serialization.base

# This file is dual licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version
# 2.0, and the BSD License. See the LICENSE file in the root of this repository
# for complete details.

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function

import abc
from enum import Enum

import six

from cryptography import utils

[docs]def load_pem_private_key(data, password, backend): return backend.load_pem_private_key(data, password)
[docs]def load_pem_public_key(data, backend): return backend.load_pem_public_key(data)
[docs]def load_pem_parameters(data, backend): return backend.load_pem_parameters(data)
[docs]def load_der_private_key(data, password, backend): return backend.load_der_private_key(data, password)
[docs]def load_der_public_key(data, backend): return backend.load_der_public_key(data)
[docs]def load_der_parameters(data, backend): return backend.load_der_parameters(data)
[docs]class Encoding(Enum): PEM = "PEM" DER = "DER" OpenSSH = "OpenSSH" Raw = "Raw" X962 = "ANSI X9.62"
[docs]class PrivateFormat(Enum): PKCS8 = "PKCS8" TraditionalOpenSSL = "TraditionalOpenSSL" Raw = "Raw"
[docs]class PublicFormat(Enum): SubjectPublicKeyInfo = "X.509 subjectPublicKeyInfo with PKCS#1" PKCS1 = "Raw PKCS#1" OpenSSH = "OpenSSH" Raw = "Raw" CompressedPoint = "X9.62 Compressed Point" UncompressedPoint = "X9.62 Uncompressed Point"
[docs]class ParameterFormat(Enum): PKCS3 = "PKCS3"
[docs]@six.add_metaclass(abc.ABCMeta) class KeySerializationEncryption(object): pass
[docs]@utils.register_interface(KeySerializationEncryption) class BestAvailableEncryption(object): def __init__(self, password): if not isinstance(password, bytes) or len(password) == 0: raise ValueError("Password must be 1 or more bytes.") self.password = password
[docs]@utils.register_interface(KeySerializationEncryption) class NoEncryption(object): pass